Looking for professionals to assist with your properties in sub-Saharan Africa?

Corporate Services

EuroActiv focuses on the occupiers property needs, fully aware that property must make a strategic contribution to business operations, both for national and foreign businesses and institutions that find themselves confronted with accommodation issues.

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Valuation and Advisory

Banks, Insurance and large companies as well as private individuals are increasingly opting to use EuroActiv´s valuation and due diligence services.

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Capital Markets

All property investors have one thing in common: they are all out to find the best opportunities in the market and the right momentum.
EuroActiv provides investors with such opportunities, thanks to our extensive national and international network of property experts and our ethical and scrutinising eye for value.

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Development Coordination and Advisory

Managing and coordinating developments requires an holistic approach where budget, technical acumen, procurement, permitting & licensing, time & task management and quality result in one overarching objective: delivering safely "A" class facilities that boosts occupiers performance.

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Due Diligence and Project Management

At EuroActiv we understand that prior to make a final investment decision, a thorough and detailed analysis is required that takes under the loop legal, technical, financial, social, environmental, cultural and reputational details.
Our team gathers all visible and hidden informations to report if the envisaged asset is the right choice under the conditions presented.

Asset & Property Management

When managing commercial property, the interests of both owners and tenants are central. The owner’s return objectives from operating the property, together with an understanding of the tenants’ needs and wishes, form the basis for sound property management and are inextricably linked.