European Citizenship

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Why should you select EuroActiv´s Portuguese “Golden Visa” to obtain your European Citizenship?

A few quick key facts:

  • Since 2007 in the top 4 of safest countries –  Global Peace Index .
  • Nº 1 worldwide of sun hours per year with 3.000 h/annum.
  • NHS Healthcare with over 1500 hospitals and health centres with free access for all residents.
  • Growing economy (GDP growth of 2.7% in 2017) although with lower cost of living (ca. 20% less) than i.e. Paris or Amsterdam.
  • Vibrant and booming property market.
  • EuroActiv´s tailored approach that accompanies you from A to Z.

EuroActiv specializes in the Portuguese permanent residency investment immigration services and asset management for high net-worth African individuals and their respective families.

We provide consultancy in migration, investment and financing matters under the provisions of the Portuguese Investment Immigration Program. Our mission is to help our clients and their families in every stage of implementation of the Program suitable for them.

Immigration Advisory services: We offer advisory and assistance obtaining the Permanent Residence Permit and Portuguese Citizenship as per Decree 305-A/2012 of the 4th of October.

With our investor visa you can freely work, live, study and travel within Europe (Schengen area).

Investment Advisory services: We advise our clients on the most suitable investment option under the provisions of the official Investment Immigration Program. We examine the chosen investment option and advise accordingly in order for the individual to meet the terms and conditions, as well as the financial criteria, in the most effective and efficient way.

Asset Management services: We actively manage the acquired assets on the behalf of their owners. We manage investments in real estate projects, operating businesses and financial instruments. We provide tailored market strategies, including enhanced, actively managed portfolios featuring carefully selected asset in a wide range of sectors in the designated Portuguese territory. Our aim is to maximize the investment returns and value by streamlining operations on client’s behalf avoiding unnecessary vacancies and thus inefficiencies.

Simple and Easy conditions to get an the European CitizenShip

  • Be of a non-European nationality.
  • Invest in real estate with a minimum investment of 500.000 € for the main cities or starting from € 350.000,00 in low density areas.
  • Invest in EuroActiv´s qualified investment fund with a minimum value of € 350.000,00.
  • Other alternative formats available and upon request.

Enquiry EuroActiv today to obtain a full view on all the benefits, understand all the options and simulation of costs.

In summary near 11,000 permits have been issued the last seven year and have selected Portugal as the preferred option to obtain the European Citizenship.

Contact our Hotline today to discover how easy it is with EuroActiv to obtain your European CitizenShip.

EuroActiv HotLine: +351 96 621 9373 (WhatsApp)


How to obtain your European Citizenship?

Contact our Hotline today to discover how easy it is with EuroActiv to obtain your European CitizenShip.

EuroActiv HotLine: +351 96 621 9373 (WhatsApp)